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      Jiangsu blue will holdCo., LTD. Is a collection of chemical industry environmental protection technology research and development、The engineering design、Special equipment manufacturing and engineering contracting high-tech enterprises in the integration of chemical wastewater treatment。Over the years,The company is committed to high concentration organic wastewater(Pesticides、Pharmaceutical chemistry、Dyes and other fine chemical industry wastewater treatment field)The management and utilization,New technology of chemical industry environmental protection、The new craft research, Chemical company is dedicated to provide you with from project to project implementation of wastewater treatment“一站式”Service。2016Years8Month,My company shares transfer system in the whole country(The new three board)Public listing on the transfer。证券简称:Blue will hold;The stock code:838160。       
      The company registered capital2469.1350Ten thousand yuan,Built3000Square meters of research and development and building2000The standardization of square meter readings。In view of the present wastewater treatment industry in the form of complex,Combining with the business,The company puts forward the concept of niche chemical wastewater,And specially established the institute。The company has high concentration organic chemical wastewater treatment related patent technology(70%For the invention)More than twenty。
      The main technical products in the chemical industry wastewater treatment「Biological treatment technology」、「Physical and chemical treatment technology」、「Deep treatment and resource recovery technology」And so on,Widely used in pesticide、Medicine、Dye、Paint、Additives such as fine chemical industry。

The institute
Yixing blue will institute of chemical industry environmental protection technologyCo., LTDIs in jiangsu provinceBlue will holdChemical research institutions directly under environmental protection co., LTD,Based on the chemical industry wastewater treatment,
The concept of niche chemical wastewater is proposed,Dominated by the company's business direction,To carry out special research projects。
The researchers covering environmental engineering、Microorganisms、Applied chemistry and other professional direction。
Institute equipped with trace analysis for chemical and instrument industry in the first-class level of testing instruments and equipment,
Can be carried out biological chemical industry wastewater treatment、Materialized、Deep processing、Resource simulation and operation and so on various research projects。
Consists of institute of pesticide dye、Institute of chemical medicine and biochemical research institute、Physical and chemical research institute、Analysis test center、In the readings。
Nearly 20 years experience,And innovation in the field of chemical industry wastewater treatment,BlueWill holdInstitute of chemical industry environmental protection technology has become the company a strong technical support。
The core technology
TypicalEngineering projects
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