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From pre-sales to after-sale are made
The personnel of the service24Hours one-on-one tracking service

Green environmental protection

The company adopts advanced technology processing
Reduce the pollution to the environment

Quality is reliable

After hot dip zinc pool soaking
A permanent coating,Durable and bright colors

Self-cleaning function is strong

Select high-end electrophoresis technology and electrostatic spraying technology
Make the goods outstanding function of self-cleaning,The rains washed out can if brightness is new

Mound forest products center

Introduction to the mound Lin

Anhui fukang guardrail co., LTD is located in small springs area industrial park,Is a professional engaged in the research and development of zinc steel guardrail、Manufacturing and sales for the integration of comprehensive processing enterprise。Widely used in the villa、The community、The courtyard、The school、Factories and other buildings of the wall、Flower bed、The lawn、The botanical garden、The road、Riverside、The balcony、Stair place such as decoration and protection。 Company to product quality as the first element,New product development to market orientation,Design to meet the regional characteristics,Formed a group has its own characteristic features of the barriers。Engineering all over the country,Favored by the majority of users praise。 Mound Lin guardrail“People-oriented”,The good faith management,The quality is the foundation of the enterprise survival of the concept,All-round、Multiple layers of modern enterprise management system for the general customer service。 Companies adhering to the“Good faith for this,Insist on small profits...
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The balcony railings installed what is the standard?

The balcony railings installed what is the standard?
For the balcony guardrail installation or have cultured,We must be in accordance with the regulations to implement,Otherwise easy to cause unnecessary trouble,So what is the balcony guardrail installation standard?The following is to make a brief introduction。 Fuyang balcony guardrail 1、Low-level multilayer residence balcony guardrail tender clear height not less than1.05m,If it is the high-level guardrail,The clear height of not less than1.1m,If it is closed balcony guardrail will meet the requirements of the clear height,The high-level,High-rise residence as well as any,...