Maoming city culture media group was established2014Years2Month25Day,The registered capital6000Ten thousand yuan,Owns2To quote2Net1Radio and television media and cluster5State-owned for-profit cultural entities,2Maoming journal、Maoming evening newspaper,2Net is maoming news、Maoming audio-visual network,1Taiwan is maoming city radio and TV station(Including two television channels、3A radio channel),5Maoming city of state-owned for-profit cultural entities are respectively YueJuTuan co., LTD、Maoming li sheng industry co., LTD、Maoming company performance、Maoming theaters、Maoming city festival culture media co., LTD,Group headquarters has offices、The human resources department、Finance supervision、Business management department、Strategic development、New media operations center6A functional departments。In order to“The government's support、Market operation、Strengthening the main responsibility、And stronger industry”As the guiding ideology,Maoming city culture media group is maoming municipal party committee、The city government to further deepen the reform of cultural system in our city,Integration of cultural media industry resources,To solve the northwest area of guangdong culture industry is small,Management ability、The universality of low investment and financing ability,Do big、And stronger maoming culture media industry,Promote the development of cross cultural industry and build a cultural industry assets operating, investment and financing platform。

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