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Jin Wang intelligenceJin Wang intelligence

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Jin Wang service hotline:400-662-6025
Production and design expert Jin Wang distinguished agrochemical preparations

Jin Wang service hotline:400-662-6025

  • The percent of pass is high:High percent of pass and filling machines are equipped with multi-channelWeed out system testing,
    Ensure that each pieceThe products are qualified 。
  • High capacity:Fully tap single machine production,Equipped with the whole lineIntelligent coordination system,
    Higher than similar products20%The production capacity。
  • Fast switching:Modular design,The indicator,Fast loading structure,To ensure rapid switching 。

  • Less of choose and employ persons:The whole line coordination control,Only one operator。
  • The operation is simple:The whole line of humanized design,The fool,Simple training can be easily mastered。
  • Easy maintenance:Using drag easy disassembly structure,Easy to maintain and repair。

  • Low failure rate:High quality and of imported components,Durable。
  • Service in advance:Nanny periodically return service,Advance the recessive fault point solution。
  • Corrosion resistance:In view of the agrochemical industryHigh quality anti-corrosion materials,Special materials
    With a specific material,To ensure the corrosion resistance。

  • No PaoMaoDiLou:Full considerationSealing fastening filling processWith recycling equipment。
  • Clean up the convenient cleaning:No dead Angle design,Comply withGMPCertification requirements,Quick clean up、Clean without residue。
  • In addition to flavor of dust:The whole line can be equipped with recycling device。

  • A stable thick:Material fastidious,To ensure the smooth。
  • Delicate and fine:Every partsAccording to the requirements of art production。
  • Coordination:Natural packaging process,Precision。
Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials| Customer Testimonials

Jin Wang filling machine and bag machine,Can solve the problem of pesticide filling material leakage

Jin Wang filling machine and bag machine,Can solve the problem of pesticide filling material leakage

Jiangxi, amber biological technology co., LTD

We use the Jin Wang filling machine and bag machine,Not only the real thing,Dose is stable,And help us to thoroughly solve the problem of the pesticide filling material leakage!

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Jin Wang filling machine and screw cap machine,Easy to use,Good looking,Human nature

Jin Wang filling machine and screw cap machine,Easy to use,Good looking,Human nature

Zhejiang sublimation beik biotechnology co., LTD,Ni send peach、Xie Wenzhang

We use the agrochemical Jin Wang filling machine and screw cap machine,Already two years,No problem。Compared with other manufacturer's agrochemical filling machine,Not only can adjust the screen,Easy to use,And production...

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Big customer list

Big customer list| Customer List

  • Jiangsu Chang Long agrochemical co., LTD
  • Jiangsu business electrochemical co., LTD
  • Anhui huaxing chemical co., LTD
  • Agricultural biological science co., LTD. Forever
  • Jiang Xihe yi chemical co., LTD
  • Five continents abundant agricultural science and technology co., LTD
  • Zhejiang new farming chemical co., LTD
  • Good farming group
  • Shandong RongBang chemical co., LTD
  • Shandong kordsa base farmers holding co., LTD
  • Jiang Xizhong and chemical co., LTD
Introduction to the enterprise

Introduction to the enterprise

Jiangsu Jin Wang intelligent technology co., LTD. Is committed to all kinds chemical filling machine、Bag installed、Veterinary medicine bag machine、Fertilizer filling machine,Packaging machine,Bag installed,Focus on the overall solution、Veterinary medicine overall solution,All kinds of mechanical products mature technology,Quality is stable,Easy to operate,Long service life,10Years to focus our agrochemical filling machine industry,For the factory to provide easy operation、The clean production of agrochemical filling line machinery!

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Jin Wang service hotline:400-662-6025
Make one operator intelligent agrochemical filling line
The necessity of product design and manufacturability review
Enterprises in the process of the development of new products development,Product design is a vital link。
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